CAI-OC/OCR Program: What REALTORS Should Know Before Listing and Selling in a Homeowner Association

Tuesday, March 09, 2021
09:00 AM - 11:30 AM

CAI-OC/OCR Program: What Every REALTOR Should Know Before Listing and Selling in a Homeowner Association

Selling property in a Homeowners Association? They are unique entities. Each with their own set of conditions, covenants and restrictions, AKA, and CC&R’s. Each community is governed by these documents, which members adopt and accept, along with their own set of operational rules and policies. Yet, all HOA’s are governed by a section of the California Civil Code commonly known as the Davis-Stirling Act. This confluence of individual and statutory governance can be confusing for owners, potential purchasers, and the REALTORS® who represent them. Learn from some of the most experienced experts in Common Interest Development law, finance, and operations.

The program will answer some of the most important questions of what every Realtor needs to know before selling in an HOA, including:

What items constitute the “Governing Documents”? What function do they serve?
What does The Davis-Stirling Act require in annual disclosures? Other California Codes?
What is EUCA (Exclusive Use Common Area)? Why is important for Realtors to know?
How are the Common Areas maintained? And by whom?
What are the most important HOA financial documents to review with clients?
How do an HOA’s finances impact sales transaction options and processes?
What’s insured in an HOA? And by whom?
What’s included in a Reserve Study? What are the required transaction disclosures?
What documents are HOA’s required to provide prospective buyers or sellers?

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