2022 Symposium & Expo Sessions


Educational Sessions for Community Association Homeowner Leaders & Managers              

9:00 am - 10:00 am Concurrent Educational Sessions:

All About Contracts   
Contracts don’t matter until things go wrong. Many boards and managers think that it is unnecessary for a small value contract to be reviewed by an attorney. However, the value is not the only consideration that the board should be considering. Join the panel as they discuss the contract clauses that you shouldn’t be without.

Angie Adams, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, Pacific Coast Management, Inc.
Wendy Bucknum, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, Murow Development Consultants
Sandra L. Gottlieb, Esq., CCAL, SwedelsonGottlieb 

Going Electric. Understanding AB 1346 and the Impacts on your Landscape
This presentation will equip managers and board members on understanding the Assembly Bill 1346 and how to be proactive in helping their communities to prepare for the shift to battery powered equipment in relation to the common area landscape. The specifics of what equipment is affected will be discussed as well as the timelines for compliance. Specifics of how this will affect maintenance practices, maintenance contract pricing will be clarified, as well as ways for communities to help minimize these impacts. The level of responsibility for a community to provide charge stations and other necessary items to meet these compliance requirements will be provided to managers and board members.

This program will discuss:

  • Assembly Bill 1346
  • Challenges of Converting from Gas to Electric
  • Benefits of Converting
  • Does the industry have to make the change?
  • What responsibility does the HOA have in supplying power to their landscape contractors?

Matt Davenport, Monarch Environmental, Inc.
Jamie Gould, CMCA, AMS PMP Management, AAMC
Nicole Hill, Irvine Company

Tips and Hints for SB326
Join our expert panel as we unpack the main points of SB326 as well as provide helpful hints on what to look for in your inspections and inspection reports. We will cover details of what should be included in the report as well as tips on what to look for in an inspector and contractor if repairs are needed. The goal of this presentation is to arm the property managers and board members with information and tools that will help them approach their inspections intelligently and methodically.

The presentation will cover:
  • Overview of the bill 
  • Why you should not wait
  • What to look for in an inspector  
  • What affects the inspection price
  • Report details
  • How to select a good contractor
  • Inspection vents
Bobby Ameen, 24HRC
Becky Larson, Life Specialty Coatings
James McCormick, Esq., CCAL, Delphi Law Group, LLP
10:15 am - 11:15 am Concurrent Educational Sessions:
Budgets & Reserves; are the numbers real?
Scrutinizing budgets, anticipating inflation, and applying accurate component life expectancies and cost estimates to Reserve Studies.  This program is an interactive discussion on techniques for scrutinizing operating budgets and estimating pro-forma costs to goods and services. Are common services expected to keep pace with inflation? Exceed Inflation? What will inflation be next year? Presentation will outline historical trends and estimates from a variety of sources. Will also outline programs and personnel for reviewing the communities Reserve Study to ensure the inventory is comprehensive, and the life expectancies and costs are based on reliable sources. 

Scott Clements, RS, PRA, CMI - Reserve Studies, Inc.
Sue DeLucia, AMS, Horizon Management Company 
Mike Perlof, Fenton Grant Mayfield Kaneda & Litt, LLP
Conor Ross, Ross Construction Management
Handling Board Recalls Like a Champ
With the numerous changes to association election laws and complicated timelines, responding to a recall petition has become even more difficult.  Does an association need to have election rules in place before proceeding with the recall election?  What does the timeline look like for a recall election?  How should the association communicate with the membership after a recall petition has been served?  Who pays for the recall election, and can a special assessment be imposed to cover the costs associated with a recall?  This program will take attendees through applicable laws and strategies after a recall petition has been presented.
Kara Beers, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, FirstService Residential, AAMC
Brian D. Moreno, Esq, CCAL, Brian D. Moreno Law Corporation, APC
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm Keynote Speaker - Shaun Tomson

The Code for the Next Wave
In the short term, in the era of social distancing, organizations will all have to change the way they do business and change how their employees interact with one another. Tens of millions of employees have transitioned to working at home, and this period of physical and psychological disruption presents new issues for organizations which are faced with four fundamental and immediate challenges.

  • Employee stress caused by anxiety about job security; their own and their families’ safety and wellbeing; being overwhelmed by working in crisis mode on a sustained basis; adjusting to working from home.
  • Employee disengagement from one another and from organizational purpose
  • Potential erosion of productivity
  • Lack of motivation

We believe we can alleviate these issues with our live and interactive workshop which will motivate, inspire and educate remote teams and employees to remain engaged with each other, and the organization’s core purpose. 

3:30 pm - 4:30 pm Concurrent Educational Sessions:

What do you want from me? Escrow Demands and Lender Requests, including New Fannie Mae Questionnaire

Robert M. DeNichilo, Esq., CCAL, Richardson | Ober | DeNichilo, LLP 
Brittany Ketchum, Esq., Beaumont Tashjian
Natalie Stewart, FHA Review

Behind the Scenes: Wildfire Insurance Challenges
This program goes behind the scenes to the reasons behind the current wildfire insurance challenges/costs as well as the legislative and regulatory steps being taken to help mitigate the risk and the cost. This will detail the many stories received of increased insurance costs, as well as the difficulties in acquiring insurance, the activities of brokers/agents throughout California to creatively solve these problems, as well as a behind-the-scenes dive into the activities of the California Legislative Action's Insurance Task Force and how they have met with and influenced the Department of Insurance, as well as weighing in on proposed Regulations and Legislation.

Kimberly Lilley, CMCA, CIRMS, Berg Insurance Agency
Deborah Serrano, CMCA, AMS, Keystone, AAMC/Crystal Cove Community Association

Community Management Toolbox: Enforcement Procedures that Won’t Break the Bank
This program will enable attendees to effectively support their boards and communities when discipline is necessary. Speakers will walk through the various steps of enforcement, with a focus on why the initial courtesy and violation notices are critical to the success of the process, as well as the importance of the IDR process, even when it is not required. These steps will assist the manager and board, particularly when an issue rises to the level of legal involvement. Focusing on these early steps can aid the association in shifting the financial burden of this process onto the owners who fail to follow the governing documents.
Bree Harrington, CMCA, Seabreeze Management Company, Inc., AAMC
Steven A. Roseman, Esq., Roseman Law, APC
4:45 pm - 5:45 pm Keynote Speaker - Louie A. Brown, Jr., CAI-CLAC' Legislative Advocate