Spotlight On...The Talent Show Committee

This brand new CAI-OC Talent Show Committee is co-chaired by Kimberly Lilley and Mike Perlof, and will stage its first official CAI talent show on Wednesday, July 31, 2019.

There’s a long history for this event, incubated when Kimberly and Mike were on the CAI-OC Membership Committee together.  The more they talked, the more they realized they could create something fun that would build relationships and show off all the talent (and hidden talent) of CAI members they were getting to know.  It goes without saying that the talent of these two co-chairs, on and off Broadway, provided a great foundation for the adventure. 

They started small about seven years ago at the Encore Theater in Tustin.  The next year they moved to the Curtis Theater in Brea.  It just kept snowballing, mostly by word of mouth, until last year they convinced CAI-OC’s board to make it an official CAI event.  This year the show will be held at the Barclay Theater on the UCI campus in Irvine.  There will be wine, craft beers and dinner – and it’s free for board members and managers. 

The committee is still looking for additional talent – singing, dancing, acting, magic – whatever you can do to entertain the audience in approximately 5 minutes or less.   Just make sure your performance will be appropriate for all ages and an audience of your professional peers.  Acts must be submitted and auditions completed by May 20, 2019.  Our ACT Guidelines can be downloaded here.  There are still a few sponsorship opportunities left as well.   More information on this event, including performance guidelines and ticket sales, can be found on the chapter website at

Will we see you at the Barclay Theater in July – either in the audience or as a newly discovered talent in the cast?  Be there or be square!