Education for Homeowner Leaders

Homeowner Leader Education


Most homeowner associations operate as corporations and have specific legal and financial requirements established by law. CAI offers the only comprehensive training courses available to elected community association leaders. Our faculty has decades of experience in all aspects of the industry. The knowledge you gain from these in-depth courses will assist you in excelling in your leadership role in your community.

Community Association governance is an ongoing process... laws change and volunteers come and go. Continuing education is the key to ensuring that you, your Board members and other association leaders keep abreast of the various issues facing community associations today.

Sponsored by Community Associations Institute Orange County Regional Chapter, the Community Leadership Training Program offers pertinent educational materials to community association board members, committee chairs and other key figures in association leadership and management. Specifically geared to the leadership of HOAs, these courses will provide in-depth discussion and up-to-date information on the topics that are critical to your successful operation.

     Our experienced Faculty will lead you through key issues of association management in five separate sessions lasting 2 1/2 hours each. 

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