CAI events provide education and networking opportunities for community association managers, homeowner volunteer leaders and professionals such as lawyers, management company executives, accountants, reserve study providers and insurance professionals. Many events offer continuing education credit for renewal of professional designations.

Education for Managers - Community managers are the professional backbone of the communities they serve, providing the skills and expertise that are essential to the successful management of associations. They find the knowledge they need through CAI's time-tested Professional Management Development Program.

Education for Business Partners - CAI Business Partners are indispensable to the community associations they support with their guidance, products and services. CAI education helps these businesses and professionals differentiate themselves in the competitive community association marketplace.

Education for Community Association Volunteer Leaders - Community association board members and other homeowner volunteer leaders are expected to anticipate issues, solve problems, meet the expectations of their residents and protect property values. They need the information, guidance and perspective provided only by CAI.

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