Corporate Partner of the Year

The 2019 Winner 

FirstService Residential, AAMC 



The runner up for the management company was Pacific Coast Management, Inc. and the runner up for the business partners was Fiore, Racobs & Powers, APLC.

Corporate_Partner_of_the_year_Management_Company_Runner_up–_Pacific_Coast_Management,_Inc.    Corporate_Partner_of_Year_–_Runner_up_Business_Partner_–_Fiore,_Racobs___Powers,_APLC 


For 2020 we are having the Corporate Sponsor of the Year award that will be presented at the Annual Awards Dinner.  The Corporate Sponsor of the Year is designed to honor those members that contribute to the Chapter in numerous ways.  Points are received for sponsoring events, writing articles for the OC View, serving on Chapter committees, advertising and recruiting new members.

See the Point system below to see how your company can be recognized for all that it does to support the Chapter.

Point Criteria Activity 
Active Committee Member
(attendance at a minimum of 50% of the 
meeting to qualify for any points for a member)

Author in O.C. View  

Program Speaker 
Committee Chair 
Luncheon/Mini Trade Show Sponsor  
Event Sponsor    
(sponsorship value must be greater than $200)
Advertisement in publication
Assisted the Chapter in achieving goals as
outlined in the strategic plan  

Points Per Activity
1 point per meeting per person
(max. 20 points per company)

750-1500 words - 4 points
500 - 750 words - 2 points
250-500 words - 1 point

3 points per program
3 points per Committee
1 point per member recruited
1 point per event
1 point per event

1 point per insertion

5 to 10 points