2020 Chapter Committees


Committee participation is a CAI-OC members-only benefit.
Take this opportunity to get involved by choosing a committee that interests you:

Why you should join a  CAI-Orange County Chapter Committee:

Because Community Associations Institute of Orange County is always searching for individuals who wish to contribute to the industry by sharing their expertise and management skills.   We need goal oriented decision-makers, innovative thinkers and willing team members who can make things happen.  Most important of all, we are looking for people who truly care about community associations and are willing to volunteer their time for a period of one year.

So then, why would you want to spend your valuable time this way? There are many personal and professional rewards. 

Here are a few:

  • You will be recognized as part of the industry "brain trust" - the best minds in the business.
  • ‚ÄčYou can exercise, or develop your leadership skills and possibly chair a committee, maybe even earn a position on the Board of Directors.
  • You will have opportunities to network with industry professionals from all over the country.
  • You will earn points toward CAI professional designations. If these rewards are appealing to you, please consider one of these committees and call the chair to get yourself started.

CAI-OC's 2020 Current Committee's



Provides and strengthens awareness within the community association industry of legislative activities associated with CAI and the Orange County Chapter.  Organize and facilitate information, fundraising and activities associated with the CLAC statewide organization.

Co-Chair: Marcella Hvinden | tel: 949.346.9999 | e-mail: marcie@proactivepm.pro

Co-Chair: Dirk Petchul, Esq. | tel: 949.766.4700 | e-mail: dpetchul@whitneypetchul.com 

Meets the 1st Wednesday of each month   |   CAI-OC Office   |   12:00pm


This committee performs quarterly non-fundraising outreach programs to serve and give back to the community; and in so doing receives favorable attention and enhances the image and support of community associations and CAI throughout the community.

Co-Chair: Charmaine Fox | tel: 562.597.5007 | e-mail: charmaine@pacificcoastmanagement.com

Co-Chair: Diane Weissberg | tel: 949.727.3111 | e-mail: dweissberg@fiorelaw.com 

Meets the 4th Wednesday of each month   |   CAI-OC Office   |   12:00pm


The Committee produces several basic and in-depth training courses in the Community Leadership Training Program for association board and committee members and new managers. Committee members serve as faculty for the programs and assist with solicitation of sponsors.

Co-Chair: AJ Scott | tel: 714.222.1364 | e-mail: aj@clineagency.com

Co-Chair: Andrew Scoble, Esq. | tel: 949.727.3111 | e-mail: ascoble@fiorelaw.com 

Meets the 4th Monday of each month   |   CAI-OC Office   |   12:00pm



The purpose of the Membership Committee is to promote CAI through recruitment of new members and retention of the current members of the Orange County Regional Chapter.  Committee members also act as greeters at CAI programs and plan special events to encourage membership.

Co-Chair: Valeria Bonales | tel: 949.838.3219 | e-mail: vbonales@keystonepacific.com
Co-Chair: Gina Roldan | tel: 858.569.1080 | e-mail: groldan@protec.com

Meets the 1st Wednesday of each month   |   CAI-OC Office   |   9:00am


The Programs Committee plans and implements the monthly educational luncheons and specific workshops, with an emphasis on providing education to all Chapter Members.  Program Coordinators are not permitted to serve as speakers for their own programs.

Co-Chair: Marla Miller | tel: 949.493.0122 | e-mail: mmiller@niguelshores.org
Co-Chair: Katy Howe | tel: 949.465.2208 | e-mail: katy.howe@associa.us

Meets the 1st Tuesday of each month   |   CAI-OC Office   |   12:00pm


The Committee is responsible for the content of O.C. View, the chapter magazine, and other publications generated on behalf of the Chapter.  Primary focus is to identify current topics and seek qualified authors.

Co-Chair: Sean Andersen | tel: 949.481.0421 | e-mail: sandersen@reservestudy.com
Co-Chair: Michael Berg | tel: 949.830.4590 | e-mail: michael@berginsurance.com

Meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month   |   CAI-OC Office   |   9:00am


The Committee focuses on creating a positive image for the Chapter and for Community Associations in Orange County. 

Co-Chair: Katin Horan | tel: 949.412.5207 | e-mail: khoran@parkwestinc.com
Co-Chair: Megan O'Grady | tel: 714.656.5078 | e-mail: megan@pilotpainting.com

Meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month   |   CAI-OC Office   |   10:00am


The Committee is coordinating the education sessions for the Symposium and Expo. 

Co-Chair: Teresa Agnew | tel: 949.339.2000 | e-mail: agnew@roseman.law
Co-Chair: Chris Bonkowski, Esq. | tel: 949.600.8422 | e-mail: cbonkowski@igerwankel.com

Meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month   |   CAI-OC Office   |   12:00pm


Producing annual showcase that spotlights the industry's rising talents on a professional stage.  Role includes recruiting talent, coordinating show and raising crucial funds to support CAI.


Co-Chair: Jamie Gould | tel: 949.367.9430 | e-mail: jamie@ch-pm.com

Co-Chair: Sara Hardin | tel: 949.448.6113 | e-mail: sara.hardin@fsresidential.com

See Chapter Calendar for Meeting Dates   |   CAI-OC Office   |   12:00pm




The Committee plans with the Annual Awards dinner.  Committee members solicit sponsors, nominations for the event and assist with the details of the event.

Co-Chair: Julie Carter | tel: 949.837.6100 | e-mail: jcarter@elitehoa.com
Co-Chair: Leslie Danielson | tel: 949.696.6840 |
e-mail: ldanielson@parkwestinc.com 

Meets the 1st Monday of each month Nov-Mar   |   CAI-OC Office   |   12:00pm




To encourage professionalism in community association management, assist in attaining educational goals and create interest and excitement about obtaining the PCAM designation by awarding scholarships based on specified criteria to community managers seeking PCAM designations and serve as mentors to community managers relating to their role and responsibility as a manager within the CID industry and communicate membership benefits with a focus on education and designations.


Co-Chair: Shanne Ho | tel: 949.346.9999 | e-mail: shanne@proactivepm.pro

Co-Chair: Scott Mourer | tel: 949.228.3395 | e-mail: scott.mourer@associa.us 

Meets the 1st Thursday of every other month   |   CAI-OC Office   |   12:00pm



The committee plans the annual Golf Tournament. Committee members also solicit sponsors and prizes for the event.


Co-Chair: Mike Fitzgerald | tel: 949.899.0800 | e-mail: mfitzgerald@tinnellylaw.com

Co-Chair: Brian Murphy | tel: 949.346.9999 | e-mail: brian@proactivepm.pro

Meets the 1st Friday of every month Jun-Oct   |   CAI-OC Office   |   9:00am



The Committee is responsible for the annual Texas Hold 'Em tournament.  Committee members assist with soliciting sponsors and players for the event. 


Chair: Marc Roest | tel: 310.363.9712 | e-mail: marc.a.roest@sherwin.com

Meets the 2nd Tuesday of every month Jun-Nov  |   CAI-OC Office   |   2:00pm


The Committee is responsible for selecting the Booth Decoration Contest themes for the four mini trade shows each year.  The Committee is also responsible for creating the give-a-way centerpieces to coordinate with the theme.


Chair: Jolen Zeroski | tel: 213.604.1746 | e-mail: jolen.zeroski@unionbank.com

Meetings prior to mini trade shows