Community Leadership Training Program



Designed for HOA leaders - board members, committee chairs, and others in community management, the five classes in this dynamic program will guide you through the key issues  of association management today.

CAI offers the only comprehensive training courses available to elected community association leaders.  Our faculty has decades of experience in all aspects of the industry.  The knowledge you will gain from these in-depth courses will assist you in excelling in your leadership role within your community.

Our experienced Faculty will lead you through key issues of association management in five separate sessions lasting 2 1/2 hours each. 




Community Association Law
*This sessions runs until 8:30 pm - all others until 8:00 pm

Attorney faculty members will be focusing on elements of proper CC&R and rules enforcement, important cases and changes in the current laws.

Community Association Finances and Association Reserve Studies

Topics include practical financial statement interpretation, association budgeting, year-end audits, investment options, income taxes and collection procedures and a discussion of component inventory, condition assessment and operating funds versus reserve funds.  Learn about developing a funding plan that works for your community.

Community Association Insurance 

A straight forward approach to the things a property manager, board member or homeowner need to know about HOA insurance. This course uses real world examples to help keep clear what can be a confusing aspect of operating your association while diving in to board member responsibilities, liabilities and protection.

Maintenance, Construction Contracts & Bidding

Maintenance responsibilities focusing on contracts, bidding requirements - a timely and critical topic for boards and community managers.

Held at
CAI-OC Office
1971 East 4th Street, Suite 280
Santa Ana, CA 92705