Homeowner Leaders

Homeowners are CAI’s largest member group, comprising a large percentage
of our 33,000-plus members. For the most part, these are the homeowners who
have chosen to be leaders in their communities—serving on association boards
and committees or volunteering for special projects. Some simply rely on CAI to
stay informed about how their communities should be governed and managed.

CAI strives to serve homeowners who have or probably will step up to the plate
to serve their communities and fellow residents. The benefits we provide to
them—from Common Ground magazine and our specialized newsletters to web
content and educational opportunities—are developed for these leaders.
While we do provide information for all HOA residents—including our national online
course, An Introduction to Community Association Living—our focus is
on community associations and those who lead them, especially the
more than two million residents who serve on association boards
and committees. By supporting community leaders, we are making
communities preferred places to live for all residents.

Our primary mission is to help homeowner leaders and professional
community managers protect property values, preserve the character of
their communities and meet the established expectations of all residents.
Our education inspires effective governance and management. Our best
practices help leaders build and sustain more harmonious communities. Our
advocacy promotes practical legislative and regulatory policies. Our ethics
guidelines inspire fairness, transparency and integrity.

That’s how we serve all community association residents, even as we strive to
preserve and enhance the concept, perception and value of common-interest