Business Partners


Business Partner members include attorneys, accountants, insurance professionals, reserve providers, bankers/lenders, builder/developers, realtors, software providers, landscapers, roofers and many others. If you provide products or services to community associations, we can give you direct access to thousands of potential customers.

CAI Business Partner members are indispensible to common-interest communities.More than just vendors, these valued members are good corporate citizens. They contribute to CAI publications, speak at CAI conferences and teach CAI professional development courses. Their involvement in CAI is an investment in the very concept of common-interest living.

Compared to nonmember service providers, CAI Business Partners
are generally more likely to:

  1. Understand community association operations, which saves associations money and reduces frustration for board members and community managers.
  2. Have products and services specifically designed for community associations—they don’t try to force fit generic solutions into the community association model.
  3. Be attuned to community association trends and in a better position to make recommendations and suggestions that a non-CAI business partner may not even consider.
  4. Have experience with other community associations, therefore understanding the nature and dynamics of community associations and how best to serve them.
  5. Be familiar with community association management, governance and best practices.
  6. Understand the roles of board members, management professionals and residents and the relationships among them.
  7. Understand the proper request-for-proposal and vetting processes.
  8. Understand community association finances—invoicing, budgets (operating, deferred and long-term) and reserve studies.
  9. Be exposed to the unique and evolving aspects of community associations through CAI education, publications and events.

Importantly, CAI Business Partners sustain CAI through their membership dues, sponsorships and advertising—support that helps keep CAI membership,education and events more affordable for all members.