The California Legislative Action Committee (CLAC) is a volunteer committee of the Community Associations Institute (CAI), consisting of homeowners and professionals serving homeowner associations (HOAs).

CAI is the largest organization in America dedicated to monitoring legislation, educating elected state lawmakers and protecting the interests of those living in community associations.

CAI-CLAC is working toward legislative solutions that are right for California homeowner associations with the ongoing and generous support of HOA communities across the state. Join CAI’s award winning Legislative Action Committee and make your voice heard at the Capitol by contributing a “Buck a Door or More” from your association.

Here’s why your donation matters and what your support provides:

  1. CAI-CLAC operates solely from contributions
  2. Allows CAI-CLAC to monitor and influence CA legislation
  3. Supports CAI-CLAC to educate and visit with lawmakers
  4. Provides timely information on bills related to CID
  5. Funds “grass roots” communications
  6. Enables your constitutional right to participate in the political process
  7. Allows CID boards to donate money from the assessments collected
  9. Ensures CAI-CLAC has a legislative advocate (lobbyist) who is often asked for input as housing legislation is proposed and debated – even by the Governor’s Office.
  10. Allows CAI-CLAC to continue to provide accurate, timely and influential input to California legislators.

We make giving easy! Simply donate online today or download this form.