August Member Appreciation Month

Welcome to August 2020 and our new August Appreciation Month.  Between August 1-31, we have created simple events and programs to let you know how much you are appreciated here at CAI-OC!
  • All Month Long - #IAMCAIOC Photos and Drawings for Prizes!
    Send in a clear photo of you or your team with a caption #IAMCAIOC and get entered to win prizes at our Facebook livestreamed drawings in August! Send your photo to, get featured on social media and get chance to win one of these prizes – complimentary registration to two up Couch Connect webinars, registration for all 2021 Educational Luncheons or Couch Connects, a Board & Brush project and a one quarter page ad in the OC View magazine.  Send in your photos early!
  • Monday Manager Moment
    Managers! We want You!  Send in a video with your full name, company, how long you have been a member, the value of membership in #CAIOC and what you like to do for fun! Get featured on social media in August!  Business Partners – contact for limited marketing opportunities for Monday Manager Moment.
  • Community Connection for Homeowner Leaders!
    ‚ÄčSend in a 30-45 second video and introduce yourself, your community and what you love about it!  Get featured on social media and show off your community!
  • August 6 at 4 pm – Tricks of the Trade webinar for business partners. 
    Join us for an informative and valuable time to learn about how to navigate the community association industry, how to get the most out of your membership, what to do at events and luncheons, how to reach out to managers and  more.  Especially geared for business partners who are new, but all business partners are welcome!
  • August 17 at 4 pm and August 18 at 10 am Homeowner Café
    Homeowner Leaders, Committee Members and Residents, this is for you!  Join us for our first ever Homeowner Café and get to meet other homeowner leaders. Network with them, hear how they are leading in the time of COVID-19 and get to ask a couple of trade industry experts some questions too.  Registration required, you can sign up for the time that is most convenient for you.  Business Partners – contact for limited marketing opportunities!
  • August 20 – Couch Connect 7: Whose Job is it Anyway? 
    The Department of Fair Employment and Housing has specifically stated in the new regulations that associations may have vicarious liability for harassment and discriminatory practices in their association even if they were not directly involved.  This program will look at the role of managers and board members in neighbor-to-neighbor disputes, how to manage expectations, how to reduce liability through the interactive process and other best practices.      
  • August 22 – Board Leadership Development Workshop
    The new CAI Board Leadership Development Workshop teaches you how to communicate with association residents, hire qualified managers and service providers, develop enforceable rules, interpret governing documents and more.
  • August 25 at 10 am to 12:15 pm – Educated Business Partners Essentials Course – local Chapter launch
    Business Partners!  Distinguish yourselves among thousands of professionals in our industry by attending this course and passing the short online exam!  Get this distinction displayed in your e-mail signature and on our CAI national website.  As part of August Appreciation Month, registration and exam fee will be discounted, plus you will get recognized at our Facebook Livestream announcement letting our industry know that you have taken the class!  $80 instead of $99 Registration by August 18 required.