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The value of a CAI membership continues to become invaluable. The level of services and expertise you receive is second to none!

The The Orange County Regional Chapter of Community Associations Institute (CAI-OCRC) offers benefits to all members, whether you are an individual homeowner, a community manager, or a professional selling to and servicing the industry. 


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Associations & Individual Homeowners Membership Application  

(Board members, trustees, committee members or homeowners residing in community associations-homeowner and condominium associations, cooperatives, master-planned communities, resort communities, etc.)
For only $120 (additional group discounts for other board members are available) you can access practical tools, timely information and proven resources that will help make your job easier and your community a better place to live. Savings from discounts and access to vital information will more than cover your dues.

Service Providers Membership Application

(Attorneys, accountants, insurance providers, reserve providers, builder/developers, realtors, software providers, landscapers, roofers, lenders, etc.-anyone who provides products or services to community associations)
For only $580 you'll be directly connected to your target market. Gain an extensive chapter network with one-on-one networking opportunities, access to marketing opportunities exclusive to CAI members, and the opportunity to promote yourself and gain recognition and visibility among thousands of potential clients. Savings from discounts on resources and marketing opportunities will more than cover your dues.

Community Manager Membership Application

For only $132 you can access vital information that will help you grow professionally, and help you manage and advance your career. CAI is committed to community managers and to developing the profession. Savings from discounts and career advancement opportunities will more than cover your dues.

Management Membership Application

For only $425, you'll get the tools and tips you need to help you deliver services and operate your business. Grow your business using your CAI benefits-tools, resources and opportunities-and gain an edge in the competitive community association marketplace. You'll also receive all the benefits of our community manager membership. Savings from discounts and career and marketing opportunities will more than cover your dues.